One of the easiest ways to help maintain the exterior of a facade is to keep water, wind and rain from infiltrating the building. Caulking achieves this goal by keeping joints sealed. These joints must be sealed tightly enough to shut out air and water, but remain flexible enough to expand and contract. Commercial caulking carefully applied by a professional will contribute to your building's efficient use of energy. This could result in additional savings in reduced heating and air conditioning costs.


Whether it’s a tenant space or an entire building, CPI Restoration has the experience and knowledge to give your building a facelift. Commercial buildings are typically high-traffic spaces and require specialized paint products which should be applied by professionals. Our trained and experienced commercial painters have the knowledge and resources necessary to handle interior and exterior painting jobs of all sizes including repainting metal aspects of your building. Our crews are available to work nights or weekends to minimize disruption. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do for your commercial space and your owner’s bottom line.

Parking Deck Repair & Coating

Given the amount and the size of cars and trucks that travel through parking garages and decks each day, it is not surprising that these structures eventually require repair. We can fix and seal spalling concrete, identify and repair leaks, clean and seal floors and walls, chase cracks and apply traffic coatings.

Garage Cleaning

CPI provides an economical and innovative deep cleaning of your concrete surfaces. Our system aggressively removes build-up, marks, and oil deposits from concrete and other surfaces with no expulsion into the environment. We will provide you with multiple options that will suit the needs of your particular garage based on age, traffic, and consumer dwell time. 

Waterproof Coating & Sealing

Waterproofing requires the application of a coating which acts as a barrier to moisture. If improperly applied, waterproof coating can cause condensation on the inside of walls, ground moisture, or leaks from other sources that can become trapped inside walls. This moisture can then freeze, causing the masonry to spall or crack. When applied correctly, waterproofing will keep a foundation dry and protected for years.

Window Film Installation

Increase tenant comfort, let the good light in, keep costly and harmful UV rays out, and thwart vandalism and break-ins. 3M Window Films provide a great return on investment and so much more.

Trip Hazard Evaluation & Repair

Our skilled and experienced team can identify potential trip hazards and repair them. Even a trip hazard created on purpose, such as a pipe that will connect plumbing to another floor, could be considered dangerous and should be evaluated.