Our staff of experts will work directly with you to develop a customized restoration plan designed to meet your individualized needs, building specifications, and budget. We work with new construction and existing building structures in Northern Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, and throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Exterior Building Cleaning

Even the newest or most ornate structure will look dramatically improved after a thorough cleaning. Our professional team can give recommendations on the best method for your project. We provide:

  • Chemical Cleaning: can be a highly effective method for restoring masonry and other surfaces, but should only be completed by a professional. Chemical cleaning is followed by a wash with low pressure water to prevent surface damage and erosion.
  • High Pressure Washing: a cost-effective way to clean building facades when the conditions and materials are conducive to its use.
  • Sandblasting: combines a gritty substance like sand with a high pressure stream of air to wear away a surface or coating. Depending on the texture of the substance used, sandblasting can clean steel just as effectively as more delicate surfaces. 

Masonry Restoration & Repair

Our team offers an in-depth knowledge of all types of masonry repair and restoration work, with extensive training both in the requirements of the job and completing it safely. We specialize in various types of masonry work.

Brick & Stone Repair & Replacement

Even the durability of limestone, marble and brick may not always stand the test of time or of continual wear and tear. Deterioration and water run-off may cause brick and stone to crack or spall, requiring repair or replacement.

Coordination of Structural Engineering Services

CPI Restoration will work closely with you to understand your structural engineering demands and recommend services that will meet your needs. Once you begin work with a structural engineering company, we will coordinate with the company to ensure that the project is completed to your expectations.