Company Profile

From exterior building repair to specialized interior renovations, CPI Restoration has the resources and the experience to solve any restoration problem. Clients like JBG Commercial Management, Lenkin Company Management, and Clark Construction are a testament to our expertise in the industry.

With more than 30 years of professional experience in exterior building restoration and repair, CPI Restoration is more than an informed leader. We are a recognized authority in our field. Our dedication to providing quality service and superior workmanship ensures client satisfaction in each project the company undertakes.

Our team offers in-depth knowledge of all types of repair and restoration work, with extensive training both in the requirements of the job and completing it safely and on-time. We specialize in various types of caulking and masonry work.

Our goal is to preserve your building and protect your investment, using the most recent technology, highest quality service and most experienced workforce to provide you the best value.

At CPI Restoration, we understand that the beauty and architecture behind an edifice can't endure without occasional repairs and check-ups. We recognize how a building or structure can act as a landmark in a community’s history, or a cornerstone in a company’s growth. We are committed to providing the best quality service to ensure that these institutions leave impressions that last forever. 

Rooted in the fundamentals of superior service and unwavering dedication to employee and tenant safety, CPI Restoration stands confidently on the experience and diligence that has made the company a success.

Two Companies. One Goal.