Our Approach

Many corporations, hotels, and historic buildings in Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and West Virginia have already discovered and depend on CPI Restoration for our expertise and outstanding customer service. CPI Restoration is committed to a Customer Service Program that is unparalleled in the industry. Our dedication to providing seamless service guarantees that your project will be completed on budget and on-time. Before your project begins, a company representative will meet with you to acquire vital information about the job requirements and to assure that each staff member has a full understanding of the tasks involved. The same representative will work closely with you from beginning to end.

We understand that every client has a different vision for their project. Our staff of experts work directly with you to evaluate your needs and requirements, establish your budget and choose the best options for you. The initial meeting allows us to clarify project details without delaying the start or completion of work.

  • Overall project specifications and expectations of the client
  • Requirements or caveats for the project or staff (security codes, after-hours or weekend service, I.D. badges, keys, etc.)
  • Problem areas or concerns that may impede the completion of service (improvements or ongoing construction)
  • Adjustments that may be needed over the course of the project
  • Meeting coordination with key personnel from CPI Restoration and client staff
  • Access to the company at all times, through a customer service representative

Committed to Safety

We make our commitment to safety our number one priority. Our professionals are thoroughly trained and experienced in all aspects of the equipment and services needed to complete a project. We ensure that all of our work and equipment is compliant with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines. Managing partners at CPI Restoration are active on the ANSI Safety Standards Committees. This exposure and dedication to safety ensures that new industry regulations are adopted into the CPI Restoration program immediately. In addition, all of our professionals complete rigorous classroom and field safety training programs. This ensures the safety of you and your property, as well as the CPI Restoration crew members.

Safety Manual & Log Book