Commercial Caulking

One of the easiest ways to help maintain the exterior of a facade is to keep water, wind, and rain from infiltrating the building. Caulking achieves this goal by keeping joints sealed. These joints must be sealed tightly enough to shut out air and water, but remain flexible enough to expand and contract.

Before caulking air leaks, leaks need to be detected so we can assess your ventilation needs to ensure you maintain adequate indoor air quality. In addition to sealing air leaks, caulking can also prevent water damage both inside and outside when applied around faucets, ceiling fixtures, water pipes, drains, and other plumbing fixtures.

In addition to saving you money on costly water damage repairs, we will save you time and the cost of materials. Plus, commercial caulking carefully applied by a professional will contribute to your building's efficient use of energy. This could result in additional savings in reduced heating and air conditioning costs.