Brick & Stone Repair & Replacement

Even the durability of limestone, marble, and brick may not always stand the test of time or of continual wear and tear. Deterioration and water run-off may cause brick and stone to crack or spall, requiring repair or replacement.

The most common method for brick and stone repair is repointing. Repointing involves replacing damaged or deteriorated mortar between materials. With repointing, it's critical that you replace old mortar with equivalent strength, composition, and appearance. This will keep your masonry uniform and will keep the base materials from cracking.

Water is brick and stone's worst enemy because freeze-thaw cycles can cause cracks. Water can cause discoloration when the water is penetrating or entering, but evaporating. Also, any dark patches on the wall mean that water is being soaked into the surface. However, if you ensure that your property is properly sealed, you can prevent brick and stone masonry problems.

Masonry Restoration & Repair

As one of the most durable and long-lasting materials for a building, masonry can tell a lot of stories. One story that you don't want to tell, however, is one of a lack of proper maintenance and care. Over time, the elements can cause damage to masonry, and this damage can become unsightly and permanent if not addressed. This is why we're happy to offer masonry restoration & repair services to our clients.

Our team offers an in-depth knowledge of all types of masonry repair and restoration work, with extensive training both in the requirements of the job and completing it safely. We also specialize in various types of masonry work. We can restore your building to its former glory, if not as close to its former glory as possible.

Careful and comprehensive restoration is key to securing and extending the life of a building. Call on our expert technicians and their years of experience to protect your building from permanent damage and restore its historic beauty!